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Creating innovative value through artificial intelligence

We spearhead commercialized humanized artificial intelligence engine development to bring added value to our portfolio companies in the fields of education, finance, entertainment and blockchain.

As the world has already entered the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the development of artificial intelligence will inevitably replace and complement what humankind can do beyond physical boundaries. Through relentless efforts to develop the establishment of humanized artificial intelligence engine, we, Anchor Value Inc., will strive to achieve optimal future values spearheaded by the realms of education, finance, entertainment, and blockchain. In order to accomplish our greater goals, we will continue to build a great portfolio that is representative of the future growth. 


Please give us your generous guidance and support.

Chairman Richard Kim

Our brands

Anchor Neural World (ANW) is a decentralized artificial intelligence engine and platform designed for business optimization.  Read more here.

Great Gaming International

Great Gaming International, Inc. is an artificial intelligence-based online gaming platform, developing its own games and distributing in across Southeast Asia and beyond. 

SM English has been standing out as the best English LMS service provider in South Korea, serving over 500 language institutes while developing over 23 proprietary educational programs and related patents.

Ten People, Inc. builds pet healthcare ecosystem and service using its proprietary IOT technology and devices. 

Our partners